"The Church is more than a building!" Carrville Baptist Church is not a place. It is not the building nor the location.
We - GodŐs people who are in Christ Jesus - are the church.

Church History

  • 1954-1969 Carrville Baptist Church began with the vision of the East Tallassee Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend Raymond Scroggins in 1954. Carrville Baptist Mission was constituted into a church on August 8, 1954 and met in the store building at the corner of Gin and Main Street. Reverend Herbert Holley was called as pastor and the church membership increased rapidly during the first year.
    On "Deed Day," April 30, 1955, the church purchased the land at the location on 501 Sims Avenue.. Under the leadership of Pastor L.E. Hand, the Church observed a "Ground-Breaking" on New Years Day, 1957 for an educational building and temporary sanctuary. The building was completed on May 26, 1957 and was dedicated on August 11,1957.
    In August 1958, under the leadership of Reverend Hubert Ray the pastorium was erected. The building was completed in May 1959.
    The ground was broken on July 20, 1969 for the building of the 501 Sims Avenue Sanctuary. The auditorium was dedicated on December 7, 1969. Rev. Charles Wynn was pastor.
  • 1970-2004 Through a "Commitment to Build" program led by Reverend Robbins Sims in March 1986, a new education building was occupied in July 1986. The building was dedicated on December 7, 1986. A note burning signifying the completion of the building program was held in April 1989. In 2002, two temporary buildings were placed on the grounds to help with needed space for Sunday school and other meetings.
    The membership of the church has increased from the fifty-six Charter Members in 1954 to four hundred fifty-four.
    New church vans were purchased in 1989 and 2000 to further the mission of the church.
  • 2005-Present In 2005, the church recognized their vision to step out on faith and grow for God. The church voted on February 27, 2005, to purchase ten acres of land on Highway 14. This was paid for by starting a "Claiming the Promised Land" Campaign. This Campaign ran from April 2005 thru November 2005. Our "Claiming the Promised Land" Campaign was a great success and we were able to purchase the land debt free on November 21, 2005.
    The next step in completing the vision to grow was to vote on proceeding with a new Church building at the 2436 Notasulga Road Address. The church vote on February 19, 2006, was successful and a Design Team was formed.
    The Church started a 3-year "Challenge to Build-Not Equal Gifts, But Equal Sacrifice" Campaign on January 1, 2007. Development of the new land for the church began in June 2007.
    On Sunday, August 9, 2009 Carrville Baptist Church met for the last time at 501 Sims Avenue and walked to 2436 Notasulga Road and dedicated their new Church Building.
    Rev. Don Johnson, former Associational Missionary for the Tuskegee/Lee Association, has served as interim pastor and contributed much to the church during his service with the Association. Dr. David E. Browning served two interim pastorates and became a vital part of the church through his ministry. Other interims were Jerry Smith, Junior Pemberton, and Robert Sandifer.
    Many of the present membership consists of younger adults and their children creating a fellowship of action. The Lord has greatly blessed the church throughout the years. Many have contributed to the spread of the Gospel with great dedication and service.
    Other pastors serving the church were: Reverend Forrest Smith, Reverend Albert Dykeman, Reverend Ed. Noel, Reverend Randy Atkinson, Reverend Jerry Colquett, Reverend John L. Carney, Dr. Jeffrey L. Redmond, and Reverend Lonnie Skinner who served from 2004 until 2013. Pastor Lamar Duke was Interim Pastor from January 2014 to November, 2014.
    On November 9, 2014, Ben Nobles was called to be the pastor at Carrville Baptist.

Physical Location